Gc-MAF – (Globulin Component Macrophage Activity Factor)

Homeopathic remedy: Gc-MAF
Organ or organ system: Metabolism, lymphatic system.
Theme: Proliferation of cells; overgrowth.

GcMAF is a protein that activates macrophages to destroy cancerous cells and foreign invaders. In the absence of adequate GcMAF, cancers, HIV, and other viruses can grow unimpeded. Vitamin D-Binding Protein (DBP) is the precursor of GcMAF. DBP binds to 3 sugars (making it a glycoprotein), and then, via a series of enzyme reactions, it is transformed to GcMaf.

The skin, respiratory system, intestinal tract and bloodstream sustain the largest exposures to pathogens and contain the most immune cells. The greatest exposure is in the gut. 80% of our white blood cells are embedded just beneath the intestinal mucosal surface. Again, we can see the importance of maintaining a good balance of gut flora, and how drugs distorting this could be very detrimental to health.

Aluminium and mercury compounds in vaccines switch off dendritic cells. This is done deliberately to temporarily switch off the immune system, allowing the vaccine to ‘take’. The damage of this can be enormous, as the immune system is not able to overcome the assault, and can descend into a chronic picture.

Cases where there is an ‘independent’ life feeding from a living organism (tumours, cancer);
Creating wholeness and unity in the organism.

A disturbed immune system caused by allopathic medication;
Vaccine damage;
Support in the treatment of cancer;

DD: All-c, All-s, Alum, Carc, Merc, Oxyg, Sulph, Tulipa.
DD body own and other substances: Cortisol, Folliculinum, IgA/IgG, Vaccinations, Vitamin D3.

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