Program and tasks for the seminar 1

This workshop will be aimed at:

  1. the real practice (case of patients)-how to make a decision about the duration of treatment to achieve the most rapid cure.
  2. following up – Ton will show how to follow up your patients after the first course of detox. How to make the questionnaire. How to create a new perspective on the case of the patient and consequently selecting specific Detox, the discovery of the real problem, not a mechanical prescription Detox for all allopathic medications.
  3. treatment of children – because they are the future of every family, and are poison lately since even before its birth
  4. verification of the students knowledge and test to determine who will receive a diploma. All students who have been on the course (this workshop and at least one) will get a certificate. To get a diploma, you must present cases to answer questions in class, to make a homework, assigned to the course and you are involved in the whole course (confirmed with paid fees). Please pay Irina 5 BGN. for your certificate.

The fee for reviewing papers and printing of diplomas will be charged only the people who will receive diplomas and will be in the amount of $ 10. Diplomas will be finished at the latest by the end of the month of May and you can get them from Irina in our office in Dianabad BL. 11 VC. And app. 1. If you prefer, you can send them to you by mail with cash. If someone does not meet the criteria for a diploma, may be included in the group for additional training, which will be collected on-line – dates and fees will be communicated further and will depend on the number of participants. In this group are welcomed and certified students as for them, the price will be halved.
A suggestion from Dr. Naidenov: because the Tone had a birthday recently and asked him to take a cell phone number, if you wish, you may include in its giving and so he can be with his disciples by the Bulgarian. For this purpose (optional, of course) we collect 10-20 LV. (or another amount – money – give them to Irina) for this gift. I suggest to sing him a happy birthday song on 5 May and present a simbolic children“s mobile phone, and the money in envelope. I think this will strengthen our relationship with him and it“s good to do it.
01 – 02.05 – questions to the main topics. Will give principled clarity when making course 4×4 and when 4×2 when to prescribe Detox for one thing or several at once, and why. Will answer questions related to the continued conduct of the case, how do you stop the allopathic drugs, what to do in each subsequent prescription etc. Ton wants to know all the questions, misunderstood things on the main steps of Detox therapy. Prepare your questions to the Tone you want to debate with the aim of greater clarity. I“ll give you homework every day, which is taken into account for your exam in connection with the receipt of a diploma.
03.05 – treatment of children – will be seen the treatment of children with diabetes, as well as problems with the skin, digestion, vaccinations, ADHD, autism, and more.
04.05 – treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.
05.05 – answering and discussions on issues of new themes.
On 5 may after classes we will gather on the holiday dinner, where they will be awarded certificates to all participants in the course. Please contact Irina Nikolova to apply for participation. We offer cover from 30 LV.
06.05 – the explanation of the cases on which they worked for students with homework. Completion of the course and award of diplomas and certificates to the participants.
During the seminar, Ton will ask questions of the students to have an idea how they understand the principles of HDT and what more needs to be clarified. Ask students to raise their hands if they want to answer another question – so you won“t have to go into. Each student must answer three questions. Students will be divided into groups of 5-6 persons who will examine and report cases of colleagues during classes, and then Ton will prescribe and explain how to keep these cases.
Every day will be considered real cases – before lunch to people of course (in the presence of the time), after lunch, following the cases from previous courses. All cases will be explained by Ton to the class, with the exception of cases of 3.05,4.05 and 5.05, which will be selected by Ton for homework. The next morning he must be submitted in writing with a short explanation and prescription next treatment, total 1 page, as well as issues arising at the students for this case in a separate piece of paper. Please write you names on the homeworks.
Each day you“ll receive questions for homework, who will have to respond in writing by 9 am the next day, and then he can accumulate enough impressions of your knowledge.
The format of the homework is as follows: no more than 1500 characters for explanation and prescription of the case and not more than 1500 characters for response to a theoretical question. Send e-mail to the Bulgarian or English language ability or shall be transmitted no later than 9 a.m. of the next day printed or from a flash drive at the beginning of the classes of Irina. You can get them by hand-written, but legible.
Please put your signs/badges with your name written in big, thick letters.