Master class with Ton Jansen in Sofia, Bulgaria – 4-8 May 2016

Master class with Ton Jansen: HDT complete homeopathy
Sofia, Bulgaria, May 4 – 8 2016

The seminar is for homeopaths who are more or less aquainted with HDT. If you are a beginner, please refer to the Beginner’s courses. You are welcome to join the seminar even if you don’t know enough about the  HDT mathod as you will benefit from it anyway. In this case, if you have questions, please contact your colleagues during the breaks – most of them speak English and will be glad to answer your questions.

The language of the seminar is English, with consecutive translation into Bulgarian. Of course, you can arrange translation for your language if needed – we’ll be happy to help.


4 May – Management of acute cases within HDT complete homeopathy – when to prescribe an HDT solution, and when to prescribe “classical” remedies. Important plant families. Please consider that every day we’ll teach about 20 remedies or more in the context of the respective discussion.

5 May – Disases of the endocrine system – hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, sexual glands – all the diseases around these systems, with a live case

6 May – The practical application of Miasms in HDT complete homeopathy. What are miasms – a deeper understanding about what they do to the vital force. How to discover your own miasmatic signs and symptoms. How to recognize the miasms in the patients and how to treat several miasms simultaneously with HDT. How to tell whether you treat the miasmatic aspects correctly or not.

7 May – A new look at Materia Medica. Information about less known aspects of well-known remedies, remedies that are forgotten or not used as much as necessary. Connections between “classical”remedies and HDT remedies – for example when to prescribe Chelidonium, when Aconitum, and when Bilirubin. Differential diagnosis.

8 May – Questions and answers – here the students suggest the topics.

Prices of the course and how to join it:

In order to join the seminar, please pay the participation fee.
Then call Mrs. Irina Nikolova – tel. _359 884 117463 to confirm your payment and to get more info and help for your accommadation in Sofia. Or, you can contact her from the menu Contact us.

Before  April 30th the seminar fee is 660 BGN (approximately 330 Euro). You can pay it from here:

Description Ammount
HDT Masterclass with Ton Jansen in Sofia, May 4-8 2016 660 BGN
You will pay via – the leading Bulgarian secure on-line credit/debit card payment system.

After this date the price is 440 euro.

For any questions, call Irina Nikolova – +359884117463 or write to