Fighting Fire with Fire – the complete HDT Textbook

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The complete textbook on HDT (homeopathic detox therapy), created by Ton Jansen, founder of this method.

If you want to genuinely cure your patients, you cannot afford not to read this book!

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The comlete HDT textbook by Ton Jansen, founder of HDT

Dear colleagues all over the world,

fffFinally you have the chance to become part of the new revolution in homeopathy! The new book of Ton Jansen is making history in our noble profession, and we bet that after you read it, you will be even more eager to study the new brave world of HDT Complete Homeopathy. And after you cure your first ‘incurable’ cases with the help of this incomparably powerful, unique method, you will be proud, thrilled and excited! Because for the first time since Dr. Samuel Hahnemann formulated the foundations of Homeopathy there is somebody who really dares to know!

We challenge you to study this book! Read it at least 10 times, join our Facebook group, share your questions and your results, and, most important, apply this method for the benefit of your patients! And, please, apply your critical thinking and use your mind and your intuition!

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Thank you for your interrest, and enjoy the reading!
What colleagues are saying about HDT

Sapere aude – dare to know!
“When Hahnemann laid the foundations of homeopathy, life was simpler. There were no vaccinations, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, wireless networks and so on. To deal with these new exposures we need new tools. I believe HDT is one such tool that will be welcomed by practitioners who dare to think outside the box.
Ton is a real pioneer of homeopathy; his method makes sense and he puts it into practice in a very elegant and logical way. If applied correctly, homeopaths can easily see for themselves that HDT works in their practice.
Ton’s knowledge of Materia Medica is profound; he is able to understand substances (especially plants) like very few other homeopaths, so when he uses so-called ‘small’ remedies, always take note! Together with the Hahnemann Apotheek in The Netherlands he has developed many new remedies that are able to erase pathological influences and unblock the suppressed vital force; he is a pioneer in studying and applying human body substances in homeopathy.
With this beautiful combination of knowledge taken from botany, anthroposophy homeopathy, and many other sources, Ton has given us HDT; a long-awaited revolution in homeopathy!” – Dr. Peter Naydenov, Paediatrician & Homeopath, Bulgaria

“I first met Ton at his HDT Seminar in 2013. His vast knowledge, inspirational teaching and of course his HDT method made a big impression on me. During my homeopathic education I was taught to use all available knowledge and to avoid a narrow vision, and this is exactly what the HDT method stands for. It may seem that by using HDT you are limiting yourself to one method, but in fact I find the opposite to be true. All homeopathic methods are part of HDT; it is just a question of choosing the parts that suit the individual patient’s needs.
I have had the chance to work with Ton in his practice, giving me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and to witness his enthusiasm and love for his work and his patients. His continuous drive for development and his never-ending search for perfect results are inspirational. His mission is to further develop homeopathy, to really cure his patients and to pass on his knowledge. All this has been woven into a beautiful book, which I can highly recommend!” – Elke Kroon, Homeopath, The Netherlands

“I have combined classical homeopathy with HDT in my homeopathic practice in Korea for the last two years with the help of Ton. After that my clinical results got better and better; in some cases we had amazing outcomes. I feel Ton’s HDT keeps evolving. I think HDT will greatly contribute to the progress of homeopathy, moving it towards a more complete system of medicine.” – Dr. Young-Goo Kim, Doctor and Homeopath, Korea

I am one of the lucky ones!
“During my homeopathy studies I had the good fortune to complete my internship with Ton Jansen and learn about HDT.
I started working with this method in Ton’s practice and saw amazing results. Now I am using the method in my own practice and I believe that in many cases the results would not be as quick or as complete without the HDT approach.”
Marije Rappoldt, Homeopath, The Netherlands

Homeopathic Detox Therapy: an answer to the devastating chemical destruction of mankind
“Although his family name in Dutch means „Doe“, like John Doe, Ton Jansen is by no means Mr Average! In the four years that I followed his courses I was impressed on so many levels; his in-depth knowledge of the Materia Medica, his ability to pull apart complex cases, and his unique blend of spirituality and down-to-earth clinical analysis.
Ton goes quickly to the causation in each case, giving single prescriptions that take into account miasms, organ systems, the mental picture, causations, relationships between complaints, nutritional deficiencies and constitutional remedies. It is truly a ‘totality’ method.
HDT is, at present, the best answer homeopathy has to really dealing with today’s ‘obstacles to cure’. Enrich your practice and cure your patients more deeply by delving into HDT.”
Frans van Rooijen, Classical homeopath,
Chief Editor of Dutch Homeopathy Publication „Dynamis”

„I first met Ton during one of his seminars about the healing powers of plants and trees. His enormous passion and knowledge was very inspiring. Later on I was privileged to work closely with Ton and witness the many cures in his practice.
I took part in seminars on HDT and I am happy that his new book is ready so other practitioners can read about his wonderful work and can contribute to a higher level of healing. To understand his way of working it’s advisable to take part in one of Ton’s seminars with live patients, but this book will certainly give you an insight into healing with HDT.“ – Jacqueline Kindt, Homeopath, The Netherlands

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Thank you for your interrest, and enjoy the reading!
From the Contents


The 6 elements of HDT prescribing

1 Hierarchy of Organs and Organ Systems
2 Hierarchy of Toxic Substances

Additional notes on methodologies


Planning your first prescription

LAYER 1: The endocrine system
LAYER 2: The neurological system
LAYER 3: The liver
LAYER 4: Kidneys and adrenals
LAYER 5: The skin, lungs and intestines
LAYER 6: The musculo-skeletal system



APPENDIX A: Materia Medica – Body own substances
Classification of Body Own Substances
Amniotic fluid; Placenta; Umbilical cord; Vernix Caseosa; Adrenaline; Dopamine; Endorphins and Exorphins; 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptofaan); Oxytocin; Serotonin; Bilirubin; Cholesterol; Cytokine; Histamine; Proinsulin; Insulin; Melatonin; Urea Pura; Cortisol; DHEA: (De-Hydro-Epi-Andosterone); Epo (Erythropoetin); Folliculinum; Progesterone; Prolactin; Prostaglandins; SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin); Testosterone; Gc-MAF – (Globulin Component Macrophage Activity Factor); GHB (4-hydroxybutanoic acid); Immunoglobulins; Medullosseinum (bone marrow); Myelin; Pancreatic Enzymes (DPP4); Skatolum; Thyroidinum

Appendix B: Lesser-Known Remedies: Materia Medica
Aspartame; Borrelia Burgdorferi; Candida Albicans; Casein; Cow’s blood (Sanguis Bovinum); Gluten; HPV; Interferon Beta 1b; Nortriptyline; Prednisone/Prednisolone; Resveratrol; Salvestrol; Saponin; Sotalol; Strychnine; Testosterone propionate; Yeast

Appendix C: Materia Medica of Frequently Prescribed Remedies
Arsenicum Iodatum; Berberis; Camphora; Chelidonium; Chimaphila Umbellata; Dioscorea Villosa; Lycopodium Clavatum; Secale Cornutum

Appendix D: HDT FAQ

Appendix E: List of Common Toxins

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