The Development of HDT

After a few years in practice, I discovered that although many patients’ health improved with homeopathic treatment, the symptoms returned. Even though patients were satisfied with the results, I personally was not satisfied. I felt unhappy and even considered ceasing my practice.

Then I started rereading The Organon. The message kept shouting at me. Quickly, gently, forever. In my practice this was not the case; there was rapid improvement without pain, but no permanent recovery. Relapses were commonplace. I myself experienced only temporary improvements when I was treated by fellow homeopaths, sometimes for extended periods of time.

It was March 1993; I remember the day very clearly. After a busy morning treating patients, then tending my nursery garden in the afternoon, I was studying and pondering during the evening. Suddenly a thought came to mind; I am not tackling the root cause. As Hahnemann had discovered all those years ago, the thing that makes you sick should also cure the disease. Hahnemann often worked according to this principle, using remedies such as Sepia, Arsenicum, Mercurius, Apis and Thuja for poisonings from the exact same substance. Apis in the case of a bee sting,

Mercurius and Aurum for people who worked with these toxic substances, Sepia in the case of poisoning from licking a pen using sepia ink (a common practice in Hahnemann’s time to keep the nib moist). Material dilution was even used in allopathic medication, for example the use of diluted snake venom (antiserum) following a snake bite. This method of giving the exact substance back in potency is simply isopathy. Remembering and applying this method that Hahnemann gave us makes up a big part of the HDT method.

Of course in the past I always asked my patients when their complaints had started, but neither the patient or myself related the onset of symptoms to medications, vaccines or other toxic substances that they had used. I was trying to repertorise and treat their symptoms classically as I had learned to do in my studies. I had not yet realised that the vaccine or allopathic drug that caused the problems could and should also be available as a homeopathic medicine.

That night in March 1993 I decided to have hydrocortisone, prednisone and the vaccines DTP and MMR produced as homeopathic remedies. I wanted to try and address the ‘root cause’ in the same manner as Hahnemann had. I first started experimenting on myself. I began with a 30K of DTP and observed the results. At this time, I took the 30K potency once only. I then went on to take the whole sequence of commonly used potencies (30K, 200K, MK and 10MK). This was the series first used by Hering (1805) and I have found it to be a very gentle way of prescribing. At first I took one dose of each ascending potency over four weeks. I noticed that it made me feel good and that my health improved on all levels. Then I experimented with two doses per week at each potency. Sometimes I started with a 12K and dropped the 10MK. This is the way I began to apply the ascending potency method with isopathic remedies.

There were several homeopaths around the world working in a similar manner around this time. One of these was Dr Tinus Smits who I came to know in 2001. He became a friend and colleague until his death in 2010. As well as the isopathic detox remedy he included in his prescription a totality remedy to be taken on Saturday. The difference between his method and mine was that he continued to give each potency (for example a 30K) until there were no more reactions observed; only then would he move up to a higher potency. This could end up being months for each potency and as a result healing took far too long and people regularly dropped out of treatment.

In my early experimentations, treating myself with the DTP vaccine brought me a great change. Due to several serious accidents in my youth (a broken skull, broken back and neck) I suffered from severe chronic pain. After this series of DTP, I had less pain and especially experienced more mental freedom. I believe this detox unblocked my body and allowed further healing to occur. Interestingly, before this course of remedies I was very shy and unable to speak in front of groups. Suddenly after taking this course of DTP I was able to give public lectures, which was something I previously did not dare to do. I mention this to demonstrate how far reaching and surprising a detox course can be in terms of the gains it can bring.

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