Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) aims to detoxify, balance and restore. It uses a multi-pronged approach to reprogram the body at a deep, cellular level. When properly applied the treatment is extremely gentle and offers a quick and lasting recovery.

It is designed in response to the changing world in which we live. If homeopathy does not adapt to the demands of modern life it will die out as it becomes less and less effective. We must find new solutions to new toxic problems.
HDT binds together knowledge from many sources, providing a more complete prescribing protocol.

In each and every case, I consider the following 6 ‘tools’, using some or all of them in each prescription depending on the needs of the patient.

1. Totality Prescribing
2. Isopathic Ascending Potency Detox Courses
3. Miasmatic treatment
4. Balance remedies2
5. Nutritional Supplements
6. Dietary and lifestyle considerations

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